About Neko Gear

DarkLour Watanabe
=^.^= Neko Gear =^.^=
From Grungy to Style, We try our best to fill all Your Neko Needs!

Neko Gear and I may be the new kid on the block but I see a lot of need for good neko products. There’s a lot of potential out there for creating, building and learning, so I thought I might as well stick my 2 cents into this global SL world. Hence Neko Gear was created as my way of giving and making a way in SL. I hope to bring new and creative ideas and products to SL and to you all in the neko community through the Neko Gear brand. I invite you all to say hello and I am open to any and all comments or questions. Need help? Just ask me. 🙂

Visit our Main Store to see all our  Items!

Want to know when a Meeeww Product is released?
Join =^.^= Neko Gear =^.^= Group.

Best Regards
DarkLour Watanabe
=^.^= Neko Gear =^.^=


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